2 days wine tour of Nemea,Nauplion,Olympia and the famous Corinth canal

2 days wine tour of Nemea,Nauplion,Olympia and the famous Corinth canal

Experience a tasty private Greece tour traveling on the wine roads from Athens to the Corinth Canal, Nemea, Nafplion, and Olympia.

1st Day Itinerary: Corinth Canal – Nemea – Nauplion – Olympia

One of the most interesting Greece taxi tours which will allow you to experience the wine roads of  Peloponesse.  We will travel with Athens taxi tours westwards along the scenic coast, until we reach the Corinth Canal with its breathtaking views.

Experience this adventurous  tour with Athens taxi tours. The itinerary will take you from Athens southwards to the Greek wine region of Nemea, in the Peloponnese, and you will experience one of the most important appellations for the production of red wine. Your private chauffeur from Athens Taxi will travel through the wine roads of Nemea and you will have the chance to visit some of the best wineries there as well as the ancient Nemea sites.

We will continue our wine roads Greece private tour traveling to Ancient Nemea driving through its wine roads, experiencing the wonderful land scape. Nemea was famous for its Panhellenic Games, the “ Nemea ”, which featured contests in gymnastics, horse riding, music and drama. The games were conducted inside the precinct of the Temple of Zeus , ruins of which have been discovered near the entrance into Irakleio. Traces of a gymnasium of the classical period have also been found, with a palaestra and Roman baths to the South, as well as the Stadium where the games were held every two years, from 573 BC.

We will have lunch in Nafplion the first capital of Greece , after its liberation from the Ottoman Empire following the Revolution of 1821.  Visit a panoramic point in the fortress of Nafplion and enjoy the spectacular view of the city.  After lunch we’ll travel to Olympia. Overnight.

2nd Day Itinerary: Olympia – wine roads – Athens

Visit Ancient Olympia ,the  museum and site, the place where the first Olympic games took place in 776 BC. The ancient stadium is open to the public and the starting line of the first Olympic game 200 meters run is still there. Experience the location as it was in ancient times.

Continuing our Athens taxi private tour we will visit an Olympia winery, a private expanse of land surrounded by apple, orange and olive groves and blooming gardens. We will visit the winery inside the state, learn about the process of wine and sample a glass of the local wine.
After this visit we return to Athens where your Athens private tour will  end with you having experienced some of the wonders of ancient Greece and as well as  a nice taste of modern Greece.

After this wine private tour and the wine tasting we will return to Athens where one of the most  interesting Greece private tours ends.

Departures: Daily

You can customize this private tour at any time, either on the way together with your private chauffeur or in advance by contacting our Athens Taxi Tours team.

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