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Four (4) days Argolis, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia Greece private tour

Four (4) days Argolis, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia Greece private tour

Experience this Greece and Athens private tour to the famous Corinth Canal, the most famous port of the antiquity ancient Corinth, Mycenae with its famous civilization, the graphical Nafplion rich in history, the legendary Sparta, Mystras with its byzantine structure and monasteries, and Monemvasia reach in classic and religious history and one of the most holiday destinations in Greece..

Itinerary for the four (4) days Argolis, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia private tour in Greece:  from Athens to the Corinth Canal, ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia and back to Athens.

Description for the four (4) days Argolis, Sparta, Mystras, Monemvasia Private Tour


The famous Corinth canal

1st Day itinerary: Athens – Corinth – Mycenae – Nafplion

Our Athens taxi tours driver will drive you along the coastal road of the Saronic Gulf until we reach the Corinth Canal, where we will make a short stop to take in the breathtaking view of the Isthmus. Our Greece private taxi sightseeing continues and shortly thereafter we reach and visit the ancient town of Corinth where St. Paul lived and preached for two years. Back in the ancient times Corinth was amongst the richest city states and this is quite evident by its remains, including the large agora (market place) and the Temple Apollo (dated to the 6th century B.C). We will visit the Isthmus at the site of the ancient port of Kenchreai where St. Paul disembarked when he arrived to Corinth. Our Greece private taxi tour continues visiting Mycenae, famous for its remarkable Graves and Cyclopean walls, with its legendary king Agamemnon who leaded the Greeks against Troy. At next Athens taxi tours will drive you to the pretty town of Nafplion, the first capital of Modern Greece. After lunch visit the Venetian fortress of Palamidi and enjoy a free afternoon to wander around the old streets of Nafplion or even go swimming. Dinner & overnight in Nafplion.


Nafplion and the fortess of Palamidi

2nd Day itinerary: Nafplion – Sparta

In the morning, our Athens taxi tours driver will take you to Sparta. The city of Sparta was one of the major Greek city states situated in the southern part of the Peloponnese. The area around the town of Sparta, the Plateau east of the Taygetos mountains, was generally referred as Lakonia, a term sometimes used for all the regions under direct Spartan control, including Messenia. Visit the Archaeological Museum, Museum of Olive, Statue of Leonidas, the

The king of Sparta Leonidas in 480BC

Acropolis, Temple of Artemis, The Theater, The Menelaion, The Cathedral, Eurotas River and the Public Library. Overlooking Sparta, on a steep hill is the archeological site of Mystras. This is one of the six places designated as a World Heritage centerby UNESCO, that we are able to visit during this trip to Greece. Its design as a Late Byzantine fortified settlement makes it important enough to be on the World Heritage List. Overnight in Sparta.



Diros cave. Nature’s Magic

3rd Day itinerary: Diros cave …. A Journey into Nature’s Magic – Monemvasia

After breakfast together with Athens taxi tours you will visit the Diros cave, one of the world’s most beautiful caves located on the western shores of the Laconic Peninsula, on the Gulf of Diros, under the minimalist landscape of Mani where nature, with incomparable deftness and patience, has carved a miracle surpassing any imagination. Stark-white stalagmites and stalactites, impressive curtains and sparkling crystals embellish each one of its corners, creating a breathtaking spectacle. Lunch and we will take the way to Monemvasia.


4th Day itinerary: Monemvasia – Athens

Monemvasia in Peloponessus Greece

After breakfast, Athens taxi tours will guide us to Monemvasia. A location of historical and archaeological significance, Monemvasia has been designated by the Greek ministry of Environment as a place of natural beauty. Visit the Castle of Monemvasia. A beautiful place full of tales, History and magic. Entering the Monemvasia city you will be charmed by the narrow cobbled alleys. In the main alley of Monemvasia you can visit beautiful small shops, coffee shops and restaurants. It is as if time has stopped in the middle ages period. Experience the Byzantine castle-city with the mansions the Byzantine churches which are wedged in the houses, the arches and the coat of arms of St. Mark, the remnants of the Venetian dominance of the region.

There are almost 40 dilapidated Byzantine churches which are very interesting to see. Walking to the city you can observe the vigorous Venetian influence in decoration, even in the house’s chimneys that are built to the east side with balconies so as to admire the sea.

Return to Athens through the beautiful landscape of Peloponnese.

You can customize this private tour at any time, either on the way together with your private chauffeur or in advance by contacting our Athens Taxi Tours team.