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The famous classical Greece tour; Four (4) days

The famous classical Greece tour; Four (4) days

The best selling tour in Greece

The most famous classic tour in Greece to Corinth canal,ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion, Epidaurus tours, Olympia tours, Delphi tours, Meteora tours, Thermopylae tours

Duration: 4 days / 3 nights

Itinerary for the four (4) days most famous classic private tour in Greece:  from Athens to the Corinth Canal, ancient Corinth, Mycenae, Nafplion, Epidaurus, Olympia, Patras, Nafpaktos, Arachova, Delphi, Kalambaka, Meteora and back to Athens.

Description for the four (4) days most famous classic private tour in Greece

The famous Corinth canal in Greece1st Day itinerary: Athens – Corinth Canal – ancient Corinth – Mycenae – Nafplion – Epidaurus – Olympia

Our Athens taxi tours private chauffeur will drive you along the coastal road of the Saronic Gulf until we reach the Corinth Canal with its breathtaking views where we will make a short stop for pictures and refreshments.

Continuing our private tour, we’ll visit EPIDAURUS and its ancient Epidaurus theater, famous for its remarkable acoustics. Our Athens taxi tours private chauffeur, will drive you to the pretty town of Nafplion, the first capital of Modern Greece for lunch. Visit the old picturesque town of Nafplion and the Acronafpliato

Ancient Corinth Greece

enjoy the lovely view. After lunch we will  drive you to MYCENAE through ARGOS, we’ll visit the archaeological site, the remains of the ancient city, including the Lion Gate, the tomb of Agamemnon and the Palace. In the afternoon we will drive to Olympia through Tripolis & Megalopolis. Free afternoon and overnight in ancient Olympia.


The biggest bridge in Europe, Rion Antirion

2nd Day itinerary:  Patras – Nafpaktos – Arachova – Delphi

In the morning our Athens taxi tours driver will drive you to the city of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games.

In 776 BC, Iphitos, king of Elis, Kleosthenes of Pisa and Lykourgos of Sparta reorganized the Olympic Games in honor of Zeus and instituted the “ekecheiria”, or sacred truce during the conduction of the games. Soon the quadrennial festival acquired a national character. Olympia’s fame rests upon the Olympic Games, the greatest national festival and a highly prestigious one world-wide, which was held every four years in honor of Zeus. The most important sanctuary of  Zeus is situated here, as well as Altis and the original stadiums of the Games. Ancient Olympia has been the center of attention in antiquity, and today is the departure point of the

Ancient Olympia Greece

Olympic Flame that is lit here, every four years prior to the new festival. Experience a run for yourself, take your position at the starting line, which is still visible in the original Olympic stadium, and run this historical course, competing with the athletes of the past, or simply some of the numerous tourists visiting this area. Visit to the Olympia Archaeological Museum and the Museum of the Olympic Games, where artifacts and collections related to both ancient and modern Games. Athens  taxi will take us now from Olympia through Patras to Rion, we’ll 15 minutes cruise the Corinthian bay to Antirion admiring  the brand new bridge, witch is the biggest cable bridge in Europe.

Then we’ll drive to picturesque Nafpaktos and via the new road along the coast, to Delphi. In the evening we will visit the picturesque mountain village of Arachova for dinner. Overnight in Delphi or Arachova.

The trade mark of Delphi. The temple of Athens Pronea

3rd Day itinerary: Delphi – Aracova – Kalambaka

Visit  DELPHI, the ancient sanctuary of Apollo. Our Athens taxi private tour includes visits to the Oracle, the “navel of Earth”, the Temple of Apollo, the Delphi Museum, where one can see among other archaeological treasures, the unique Bronze Charioteer of Delphi, then proceed through the Sacred Way to the Athenian Treasure-House in Delphi.

Depart with your private chauffeur from Athens taxi tours for KALAMBAKA a small city by the feet of Meteora. Drive through the towns of Central Greece (AMPHISSA, LAMIA and TRIKALA) crossing the Thessalian plain, the granary of GREECE, to reach KALAMBAKA late in the afternoon. Overnight by the foot of Meteora in Kastraki.


The high rocks of Meteora. Kalambaka Greece

4th Day: Meteora – Thermopylae – Lamia – Athens

Breakfast in the hotel  and Athens taxi tours will drive you to the breathtaking METEORA and its monasteries built on the top of high rocks standing between earth wind and sky.

Meteora is the biggest and most important group of monasteries in Greece second only to those in Mount Athos.  The rock monasteries have been characterized by UNESCO as a unique phenomenon of cultural heritage and they form one of the most important landmarks in the cultural map of Greece. They are situated in a region of almost inaccessible sandstone peaks. On these ‘columns of the sky’ monks have settled from the 11th century onwards where twenty-four of these monasteries were built, despite incredible difficulties, at the time of the great revival of the eremitic ideal in the 15th century. Their 16th-century frescoes mark a key stage in the development of post-Byzantine painting.

The most important monasteries of Meteora are:

  • The Holy Monastery of Great Meteoron. It is the biggest of the Meteorite monasteries.
  • The Holy Monastery of Varlaam is the second largest monastery after the Great Meteoro.
  • The Holy Monastery of Rousanou. It is dedicated to ‘The Transfiguration’ but consecrated to Saint Barbara.
  • The Holy Monastery of St. Nicholas Anapausas. It is the first we will come across on our way from Kastraki to Meteora.
  • The Holy Monastery of St. Stephen. It is one of the easiest accessible  as one does not need to climb innumerable steps to reach it.
  • The Monastery of Holy Trinity is very difficult to reach. The visitor has to cross the valley and continue high up through the rock before one arrives outside the entrance.

After lunch your private chauffeur from Athens Taxi will start traveling  back to ATHENS passing through THERMOPYLAE where LEONIDAS & the 300 Spartans fell fighting against the Persian invasion armyin the famous Battle of Thermopylae.

Athens taxi tours will arrive back to ATHENS early in the evening.

You can customize this private tour at any time, either on the way together with your private chauffeur or in advance by contacting our Athens Taxi Tours team.