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Advantages of Yanni private tours

Which are the advantages of a private tour with Yanni in Athens?

Good question! A private tour is a unique way to experience the individual character of Athens city and most popular historic and scenic downtown neighborhoods.

Yanni Athens taxi private tours could have a lot more business if we offered group tours by motor coach, but the result would be a lot less customer satisfaction. That is why we offer only private tours in Athens and other towns in Greece.

Different and distinctive from large, impersonal group tours, Yanni Athens Taxi Private Tours will take you on private chauffeured journeys through Athens Greece City’s most historic and thriving neighborhoods.

Many of the narrow and winding streets of  centuries old Athens and Greek cities are  prohibited to bus and trolley tours, which usually means  that you don’t get to see the fabled and quaint side-streets of “Olde” Greece. Moreover  most trolley and bus tours don’t even leave the central city so your sightseeing private tour is very limited.

This means that you’ll not visit the highest hill in Athens center the Lycabetus hill, the ancient agora, the roman agora, Hadrian’s library, the jet set of Athens center Kolonaki with its most famous shops ….Acronafplia in Nafplion, Sparta, Mount Olympus and  many others…

But with Yanni Athens Taxi Private Tours,  you’ll actually get to visit the beautifully bricked neighborhoods of the back streets. Local and international independent travelers  use our services, since it is the closest thing to independent travel in Greece – without the outdated guide books, lost hotel reservations, potential dangers, wasted time and other hassles.

Why choose Yanni Athens Private Tours for your private tour in Greece?

  • Because having it your way is fun!
  • Because this is what I am doing! I”m a Private Tour specialist.
  • You’ll really Love, it’s personalized
  • I’ll pick you up/drop you off at your hotel, cruise ship, or Athens address
  • I employ only the best, brightest and most energetic tour guides in the city.
  • Whether you are seeking “The Best of Greece” or off the beaten path, a theme tour, or focus on a specific location such as the Acropolis, we will provide exactly what you’re looking for
  • Tours tend to move faster when the group is smaller and you know everyone on board
  • If you see something you like on your tour… I will stop! Me and my guides are ready to change on dime per your requests
  • No wasting time trying to meet a tour Shuttle at a specific time –  I will come to you at the cruise terminal or your hotel free of charge (for Athens city center hotels only)
  • Experience more in one day than most do in a week!
  • A luxury Mercedes sedan E class or a Mercedes mini bus will be at your desposal
  • Price includes your guests, as space in vehicle allows
  • Airport pickup available: Provided that your private tour is the same day as your flight, we can pick you up at the airport, keep your staff in the car with me and then start the tour from there. After the end of the private tour I will drop off at your hotel or cruise terminal. By that time, your room will be ready or check in at your cruise ship and it’s a convenient way to start your tour.
  • Choice of vehicle, 4 seater, 10 seater, 17 seater
  • It is a year-round service
  • I am Geo caching friendly

Experience Greece! have it Your way. “It is fun”

Are you represent an individual couple, a school, a business, or a large family?  Yanni  private tours are perfect for any group visit. I can customize each private tour depending on your needs. I can go anywhere in Athens, main Greece and beyond.

If You Need wheels! We’ve got you covered.

let’s have some thoughts together

Just think being on a motor coach group tour,  who often puts you in front of someone who will not shut up or behind someone who has forgotten to bathe, and drives you to the same place that the last big 100 buses have visited. Then serves you a set meal made to please the lowest common denominator. Those kind of motor coach group tours are a lot more about the tour company’s bottom line than the quality of your travel experience.

In contrast, I Take the “Tourist” Out of Tours. Yanni Athens Taxi Tours private services allow you to enjoy Greece exclusively with the people you choose to travel with. I easily remove you from the beaten path and me or your private guide can recommend numerous eating options based on your own tastes,based on a criteria of quality, comfort and character. I am highly in-tune to your interests, how you want to pace your trip, when to share Greece’s history, nature and culture and when to disappear.

Probably Shopping Around, Someone Else is Cheaper . Well, you already know that the nature of any business is that if you have success you will have competition and that competition often tries to copy what you offer and undercut your price ( not always because they can not follow). But did you have a  close examination what are the other guys offering? Are they cutting corners to help sales? Do they offer with hidden costs, to appear cheaper up front and end up more expensive in the end? We have no hidden costs, in all of my programs all car and driver cost is included. (hotels chosen from my list). There are other issues that are impossible to detect when you are quoting. For example we pay my drivers and bilingual guides more than any other company in Greece. What does this mean to you? The best guides and drivers for one, but also a much more content person sharing his country with you, and better service is the end result. Another question with a cheaper quote might be, that the tour driver is not guiding?

Safety Matters for Yanni Athens Taxi Tours the safety and well being of our customers is a primary concern.  Me and my drivers are very experienced and excellent in driving family people. A districted person driving you around on Greece’s roads is a less than ideal scenario. Particularly in a region where public driving habits are often unpredictable at best. In addition our driver stays with the vehicle when you are off exploring or dinning out , leaving our customers with ample peace of mind to leave their belongings behind in the vehicle.

Vehicle Branding At the Clients’ Expense? A detail that separates us from the crowd is our total vehicle branding, something unique in the industry. We use the most famous in prestige and safety vehicle brands like Mercedes – Benz.  However on Greece’s  roads and highways our clients are not shuttled around in a vehicle that screams “tourist!” with brightly painted logos and other traveling billboard paint schemes. In this regard we see absolutely no benefit for our clients to stand out from the crowd.

Our philosophy is clear. Your Time and Money Well Spent.   My company exists to make sure you get the most possible out of your visit, we work very hard to see that you have a memorable, rewarding and safe trip. Yanni Athens Taxi Tours Private Services  does not offer extravagant luxury. Your money is not spent on frills, but rather making sure you have the best Yanni Athens Taxi Tours  possible. We feel responsible for your happiness and well being, that’s why we would that prefer you book with the competition rather than try to win your business by cutting corners or changing the way we work. Yanni Athens Taxi Tours invite’s you to enjoy the beauty of Greece’s nature and culture to the utmost with our unique travel team.

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