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Half day Corinth and Corinth Canal private tour

A special christian private tour following Paul’s footsteps after he visited Athens the cradle of the western civilization!

This private tour is specially designed for Christians want to follow the footsteps of apostle Paul and for those want to explore the glory of the most famous city of the ancient world, where philosophy, technology, art and wealth existed at the same time! Travel from Athens to Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth, the Temple of Apollo, Kechreai and unique submersible bridge exists on earth.

Highlights of ancient Corinth and Corinth canal private tour

  • The famous Corinth canal
  • The ancient agora in Corinth
  • The ancient Corinth port
  • Acrocorinth, the Acropolis of Corinth

Itinerary for our Corinth tour: Elefsina, Kineta, Ag. Apostoloi, Corinth Canal, ancient Corinth, the Temple of Apollo, Isthmia (the submersible bridge), Acrocorinth.

Visits: Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth, the Temple of Apollo, Isthmia (the submersible bridge), Acrocorinth.

Description of our half day Corinth tour

The famous Corinth canal
The famous Corinth canal

Departing with Athens taxi tours from Athens, we drive westwards along the scenic view of the Greek countryside, enjoying one of the most picturesque tours in Greece.

Once we reach the Corinth Canal we will make a short stop there to take in the breathtaking view of the Isthmus and shortly thereafter we will head for the ancient city of Corinth .

Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth, Greece
Ancient Corinth

This is the place where St. Paul the Apostle lived and preached for two years, where Themistocles forced the Corinthians to use their triremes against the fleet of the Persian King Xerxes, as well as a place of significant importance in the development of ancient Greek sculpture.

In antiquity, Corinth was amongst the richest of the city states and this is quite evident by its remains, including the huge ancient agora (ancient market place) and Apollo’s Temple, dated to the 6th C.B.C.

The ancient port of Corinth

We will make a brief stop at the site of the ancient port of Kenchreai, where St. Paul made a stop in his second missionary journey.

Afterwards we will return to Athens in time for lunch where our private tour will end.

You can customize this private tour at any time, either on the way together with your private chauffeur or in advance by contacting our Athens Taxi Tours team. It is highly recommended for cruise travelers visiting Athens just for a day to enjoy one of the most interesting Greece tours.

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Private Tour Details

Any bag or item with a single side longer than 50 inches (120 cm), including wheels, handles and packaging is an oversized item.

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