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Sparta the legendary city state, full day private tour

Discover Sparta; Explore the city of the brave citizen soldiers, the leaders of the combined Greek forces during the Greco-Persian Wars. Admire the scenery traveling along the coastal road of the Saronic golf, the greenery surrounding the area which is composed with a reach variety of pine trees, cypresses, lakes and rivers, relax in the comfort of the luxurious new vehicle of our company and step back in time exploring thousands years of Greek history.

Sparta; Well known for its unique social system and constitution. Sparta completely focused on military training and excellence, while Spartan women enjoyed considerably more rights and equality to men than elsewhere in the classical world. Famous for their underwent the rigorous agoge training and education regimen. Moreover the Spartan phalanges was the best in battle.

Sparta was the subject of fascination in its own day, as well as in the West. Following the revival of classical learning. Laconism is the admiration of Sparta.

Itinerary of the full day tour to Sparta, Mystras and Corinth Canal

Athens – Corinth Canal– Tripolis – Sparta – Mystras – Athens

Highlights of the Sparta and Mystras private day tour

  • The famous Corinth Canal
  • The birthplace of Leonidas and his 300 Spartans
  • The importance of Mistras in the Byzantine empire
  • A trip through the picturesque Greek countryside
  • Experienced and skilled English speaking tour driver
  • A 9 hours magnificent tour through modern and ancient history and myths

Description of  Sparta the legendary city state, full day private tour

Your private chauffeur will pick you up from hotel or address in Athens. You will have a short sightseeing drive around Athens till you’ll rich the highway to Peloponnese.  Travel along the scenic road of the Saronic golf  to Corinth canal, famous for its breathtaking view.

King Leonidas Sparta, Greece
King Leonidas Sparta, Greece

After a short stop at the canal, we’ll travel towards Sparta and Mystras enjoying on the way the greenery surrounding the area full of vineyards, olive trees, small lakes, mountains and rivers.

Sparta a city state founded from the Dorian’s in the 11C BC well known for its citizen soldiers, strict military training, powerful army with excellent skills. The most famous battle of the many in their history is the battle of Thermopylae. In 480 BC, a huge Persian army was trying to invade Greece. Barring the way at the mountain pass of Thermopylae were 300 Spartan soldiers led by King Leonidas, along with a few hundred of Arcadians and Thespians.

Do not miss in Sparta

The Acropolis of Sparta, the ancient Roman Agora, Temple of Athena Chalkionos, the Theatre, the church of the Christ Sovoir, the cyclical building and the remains of many other elements. The Archaeological Museum of Sparta, The Museum of the Olive and Greek Olive Oil,  Menelaion, the ancient theater of Sparta, Temple of Artemis Orthia, the Tomb (innovation) of King Leonidas.

Also look at the cliff where the ancient Spartans  used to throw their newborn sick children over the river Evrotas, to avoid the continuation of the defective genes, that threatened to altered their proud and perfectionist race and see the majestic peaks of the Taygetos mountains.

Next visit Mystras only 7km from Sparta. Mystras dates back to the 13th century, capital of the Despotate of Morea and the second city of the Byzantine Empire for long period of its history. Over the years, it was alternately occupied by the Byzantines, Turks and Venetians before being abandoned altogether in the 1830s. In 1989, the ruins of Mystras, including the fortress, palace, churches and monasteries, were named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The only remaining inhabitants of the town are the nuns at the Pandanassa convent. Walk inside the ancient mystic castle with Byzantine ruins to explore the byzantine Churches that still standing in good shape with magnificently preserved frescoes.

We’ll end our private tour to legendary Sparta arriving in Athens late in the afternoon. Drop off at the same spot!


“Spartans were not famous for their luxurious life but for their thrift. Sparta was not famous for the fancy buildings and gold but for the superior skills, respect and honer. There are people grumble ‘There’s not much to see in Sparta’, well, not if you’re only seeking Leonidas the hero of Thermopylae. With all the above and the Menelaion that has Mycenaen connections, and there’s more to it than the sanctuary of Menelaos and Helen (Helen of Troy). For an example excavations are uncovering a substantial Mycenae settlement.” Source ATG.