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Athens Walking Tour

Walking tours around Athens is a unique way to experience Athens, the capital of Greece. Together with our guides, you can customize your walking tour according to your needs and interests.

Highlight of Athens Walking Tour

  • Visit the Acropolis
  • Visit Plaka, the old Athens

Description of Athens Walking Tour

Walking Tour of Athens
Walking Tour of Athens

Meet at the Acropolis parking front of the entrance of Dionysus restaurant – cafe.

Our first visit is the Acropolis. Visit the propylea, the temple of Athens Niki, the Parthenon and the Erecthion. Admire from the Acropolis the temple of Olympic Zeus, the odeon theater and the ancient theater of Dionysus.

Next walk down the small path of Acropolis to Plaka the old part of Athens. Experience the picturesque neighborhoods, the many shops, restaurants and cafes.

The walking tour ends at the same point or close to Plaka .

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Private Tour Details

Any bag or item with a single side longer than 50 inches (120 cm), including wheels, handles and packaging is an oversized item.

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