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The Greatness of Ancient Olympia in 9 hours private tour

Full day Athens taxi tour Olympia private tour, Athens – Corinth Canal – Tripolis – Olympia – Athens

This Athens taxi private tour will guide us through Prehistory, the Classical period, Roman domination, the Byzantine Empire, the Crusades, and Modern times: Greece through the centuries will unfold before you on the Ancient Olympia one-day private tour.

Highlights of The Greatness of Ancient Olympia in 9 hours private tour

  • The famous Corinth canal
  • Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games
  • The ancient Olympic stadium
  • Phidias workshop, the most famous sculpturer in the world
  • The Olympic museum

Itinerary of one (1) day from Athens to ancient Olympia private tour in Greece: Elefsina – Kineta – Ag. Theodoroi – Corinth Canal – Ancient Corinth – Tripoli – Pyrgos – Neapoli – ancient Olympia.

Visits:  Corinth Canal, ancient Olympia.

Description of one (1) day from Athens to ancient Olympia private tour in Greece

We will drive by the coastal road to the Corinth Canal, where we will make a shortstop. Departure for Olympia through Central Peloponnese and the Towns of Tripolis and Megalopolis. We will arrive with Athens taxi tours in Olympia, the Cradle of the Olympic Games.

Ceremony of lightning the Olympic flame at ancient Olympia
The ceremony of lighting the Olympic flame at Ancient Olympia

We will visit the Archaeological Site with the Sanctuary of Olympian Zeus, the Ancient Stadium, and the Archaeological Museum.

Olympia in Peloponnese Greece, was the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games, where was celebrated every four years by the Greeks. Olympia was situated in a valley in Elis, in western Peloponnese (Peloponnesus), through which the Alpheus River flows. In 776 BC, Iphitos, king of Elis, Kleosthenes of Pisa, and Lykourgos of Sparta reorganized the Olympic Games in honor of Zeus and instituted the  “ekecheiria”, the sacred truce during the conduction of the games.  Olympia’s fame rests upon the Olympic Games, the greatest national festival and a highly prestigious one worldwide.  The most important sanctuary of Zeus is situated here, as well as Altis and the original stadiums of the Olympic Games.


Experience the center of attention during the ancient years, and the starting point of the Olympic Flame. Today you can still enjoy a run in the ancient Olympic stadium; take your position at the starting line, which is still visible, and run this historic course competing with the athletes of the past or some of the numerous tourists visiting the area. During this private tour, you can visit the Olympia Archaeological Museum and the Museum of the Olympic Games.

We will end this unique Olympia private tour traveling through the picturesque landscape of the Peloponnese back to ATHENS arriving early in the evening.

You can customize this private tour at any time, either on the way together with your private chauffeur or in advance by contacting our Athens Taxi Tours team.

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